Extraordinary times require extraordinary re-action.

The most important thing we can do at this time is take action in the streets and protest the corrupt political and financial control of our democracy. Ideas are good, but it is not new ideas we need now to solve our problems. The three major causes of our financial crisis are (1) the tax cuts by George W. Bush, (2) the Iraq and Afghanistan Wars (unpaid for) and (3) the political corruption of our representatives by the corporate monopolies and some of the wealthy who are allowed to control the conversation and even through congress write policies (via lobbyists) that are not in the best interest of the majority of American citizens.

To take the power from the rule of money (see Ravi Batra http://www.ravibatra.com)
and bring it to the people I propose a massive protest march on Washington DC (which could take place in other U.S. cities as well) with both in-person participants and computer virtual renderings of remote participants into a virtual internet broadcast using webcams, cell phones, skpe and other new technologies (for those Americans who would like to be there but could not, for whatever reasons).

This would also include an advertising campaign called the Unity Project (I am also an artist and have been working on a conceptual art work related to this) which, if made, could symbolize the expression of the unity of all Americans (i.e., U.S. citizens). The concept is a Nano t-shirt which would be "Made In America" and which symbolizes American Unity. Currently at Stanford University-http://tiny.cc/8foxe and elsewhere-http://tiny.cc/xztgr they are doing breakthrough research in nano writing. My idea is to make a t-shirt using nano writing which would actually write the names of all Americans on a individual strand of cotton fiber with all 325,000,000 American names, and from this textile strand a t-shirt would be made (which could possibly also be massed produced). The slogan for the t-shirt would be, "Imagine 325,000,000 Americans United" which could be written in large letters on the t-shirt, or perhaps a map of the United States could be printed on the t-shirt with each hidden nano name of the individual wearing the shirt highlighted. We need something extraordinary for the protest, as well as symbols to attract attention.

No single idea or group of ideas we can come up with will solve this impasse: the lies have got to stop. Massive national protests in the streets all across America--this is what will break through the impasse. I propose a new method of national unified protests across the United States which does not depend on mainstream news coverage. We should organize this national protest in Washington DC to "Rebuild The American Dream"-http://tiny.cc/w2vea, coupled with a computer live virtual protest of all Americans who would like to participate in the protest in-person in Washington (or in other cities), but are unable to do so because they are to busy surviving and working to be able to attend, they don't have the money to travel to DC or other cities, are disabled, or just out of fear about being seen participating. Many people fear that they may lose their jobs and medical insurance as a consequence of protest. We could organize and display in real time a virtual video image of all those who could not be present but who would remotely participate in real time (which could include photographs that have been emailed in) at the protest in Washington DC and in other cities. Each remote person's image could be a pixel which, if focused on with computer mouse, would pop-up larger to show the individual, if they agree. Extraordinary times require extraordinary re-action.
Dan Runfola   7.9.2011